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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New scooter link added to blogroll

I've added a new link today for a great scooter website, LetsGoScootIN. The play on punctuation and capitalization is because the one-man content provider, Dennis DenHartog is from Indiana. In spite of having a real-life day job selling and making dulcimers, Dennis has really put together a comprehensive and interesting scooter website.

I first met up with Dennis through the Scoot Dawg Forum which is also linked over there on the blogroll. I had sent him an email after noticing that we shared several interests, scooters, dulcimers and a common home town, Ft Wayne, Indiana. Well, Dennis wrote me back one Friday afternoon and suggested that I must have been "one of Roger's kids"! What? It had been lots of years since anybody called me that! Turns out Dennis and my family all attended the same church years ago and Dennis had even been a guest in our house! It is a small world.

Anyway, Dennis has been busy building a terrific website and I'm adding it to my blog's scooter website list. Thanks Dennis!

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